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Wholesale Bandwidth sale

Kacific is currently completing its order book on Kacific-1 for wholesale fully managed bandwidth including gateway service and access to configuration tools. Our customers will be Virtual Network Operators on our network. Kacific’s bandwidth is sold through firm long-term contracts based on committed Mbps capacity, with excellent availability rates in the region. Kacific has already secured key customers in countries under its planned coverage footprint, with most of its 57 beams sold at 70 percent and more. An interim bandwidth solution is also under deployment. Please contact our sales office at



The role of our Kacific customers in Asia-Pacific

Kacific direct customers are ISPs, Telcos and satellite connectivity service providers in the countries under our coverage. These direct customers will use Kacific fully managed bandwidth to serve diverse end-user segments such as enterprise and public institutions broadband connectivity, consumer residential broadband (typically up to 50Mbps/25Mbps, and allowing high-quality VoIP and OTT video services), and mobile backhaul connectivity. Reaching affordably where no other service is available, Kacific bandwidth may be used in remote industrial and agricultural sites, remote communities, and may also be used for coastal and inter-island transport in Kacific target countries.

Kacific direct customers own the relationship with the consumer, governmental and industrial end-users. They source, install and maintain terminals from Kacific approved manufacturers, and manage the billing and Quality of Service parameters for their own customers thanks to capabilities granted to them on Kacific network. Kacific may also sell direct to large multi-national enterprises, with prices disruptively low compared to legacy satellites and at speeds up to 100Mbps per site. If you are interested, please contact our sales office for more information.

Project Schedule and Roll Out

  • 2017

    Kacific-1 has been ordered and we expect satellite manufacturing to take 2.5 years.

  • 2019

    We target a launch in 2019

With satellite construction underway, we are in discussions with more industrial partners, launch vehicle manufacturers and ground infrastructure providers.