Kacific At PTC’18: Connecting Communities To Connect People

The key to success in underserved, low penetration, low-income markets is coordination across three dimensions. Jacques-Samuel Prolon, Chief Commercial Officer, spoke at the Pacific Telecommunications Council’s 40th anniversary conference in the Emerging Markets Access session to give insight into the three key dimensions for universal broadband access.














The first is about providing a universally available, high-capacity signal based on proven technologies and reliable, low cost, easily installed, easily maintained ground equipment.

The second, about developing innovative go-to-market strategies to aggregate customer demand to the point where it represents a viable business case. These include small-business, government and community aggregators as well as family-to-family hot-spot service providers.

And the third is to work with government and international agencies and NGOs to subsidize low-cost ground equipment for low income areas and to provide training and access to a broad range of online programs in healthcare, education and government services and economic development initiatives.

The internet will improve opportunities for rural and island communities, but only if fast, affordable, dependable broadband can be accessed by all.



Kacific CEO, Christian Patouraux wishes the PTC a Happy 40th Anniversary and speaks about his hopes for its future.