Mar 08 2021

Rural Connectivity Symposium for National Development, Kathmandu, Nepal

5 March – Kacific Broadband Satellites, Ltd hosted the first Rural Connectivity Symposium for National Development at the Hotel Yak and Yeti in Kathmandu, Nepal. The symposium gathered government officials, Network and Internet Service Providers, as well as Nepali entrepreneurs and local and international NGOs from the development and disaster response sectors to discuss Nepal’s …

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Feb 22 2021

Kacific1: The Advantages of Geostationary Orbit

On 16 December 2019, Kacific launched its first Ka-band HTS satellite, Kacific1, into geostationary orbit from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle. The satellite became operational in early 2020. But what is a geostationary orbit? It’s a grand phenomenon of physics, and where most satellites reside. The geostationary orbit (GEO) is …

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Feb 08 2021

YOU can be an Internet Service Provider… with Kacific’s FlexVNO

The internet has empowered millions of small and medium enterprises worldwide, putting new commercial players into the driver’s seat. Take virtual marketplaces like eBay or AliExpress for example; the smallest business, even a single person working from home, can become a successful online retailer without bearing the cost of building and hosting their own e-commerce …

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Jan 27 2021

The Magic of the Internet Protocol

By Marcus Bicknell As you read this article today, take a moment to think about the miracle of its arrival on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Every bit and byte from my desk has arrived perfectly on yours. It might have travelled via optical fibre, coaxial cable, twisted pair ADSL, under-ocean cable, satellite or terrestrial …

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Jan 13 2021

Kacific Authorised Distributors: our network on the ground

Anyone wanting a satellite internet connection like Kacific needs some help on the ground; someone to provide the service, a contract giving security over the right time period, access to the reception equipment, dish installation, and after-sales support. That ‘someone’ has to be local, someone who knows the region and the customer –  and who …

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Jan 06 2021

Getting Kacific is easy as ABC

Anywhere in the Pacific, you can make Kacific the heart of your broadband Internet. Whether for your home, small business or to share on a wireless network, getting Kacific is easy as ABC. A: a dish. B: the modem equipment. C: your existing PC, tablet or smartphone. Gone are the days when clunky VSAT could …

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Dec 16 2020

16 December 2019: The launch of Kacific1

By Christian Patouraux From around the time the satellite got completed at the Boeing factory around the end of October 2019, the whole company started focusing on the launch activities. It felt like time stood still as we feverishly organised the activities around the launch that was planned for mid-December. In the 6 and a …

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Dec 04 2020

Ka Band satellites have eliminated any rain fade disadvantage

By Marcus Bicknell Both terrestrial point-to-point and satellite transmissions are subject to attenuation of anything which gets in the way… it’s not just satellites which are affected. Rain fade is sometimes cited as something which can reduce the signal strength at the reception equipment. Indeed, without a well-thought-out link budget, including the diameter of the …

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Jul 04 2019

Kacific1 Milestones: Bus and Payload Integration Complete

If you were to step inside the Boeing Satellite Systems International (Boeing) Factory in California, you would see that Kacific1 has doubled in size from a month ago. The payload and bus modules are now successfully tested and integrated, and the spacecraft is proceeding along in single-line flow. Solar arrays, which will convert the sun’s …

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May 13 2019

INSEAD Alumni Gain Insight Into The Business Of Affordable Internet

In the spirit of sharing knowledge and building strong partnerships, we recently hosted INSEAD alumni at our offices in Singapore. Both Christian Patouraux and our Board Chairman James Gould are alumni of INSEAD’s MBA course, so it was a pleasure for Kacific to give back to the international business school.

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Apr 09 2019

Satellite’s Role In Relieving The Tonga Fibre Cut

When the sole fibre cable connecting Tonga to the outside world was severed, satellite broadband from Kacific provided a digital lifeline to the island nation.   Services: Kacific Trunking, Kacific Fibre Back Up Location: Tonga, South Pacific   In late January 2019, the international fibre-optic cable that connects the capital of Nukuʻalofa to high speed …

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Apr 01 2019

Activations, Presentations and Party Time at PITA 2019

Kacific is proud to be the platinum sponsor of the 23rd PITA AGM and Conference, taking place from 8 – 12 April at the Shangri-La in Nadi, Fiji. This is the largest meet up of the Pacific’s most influential telecom operators and industry members before the Kacific1 satellite service begins. The Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association …

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Mar 07 2019

Kacific Sponsors FICTAP 20th International Cable Congress

Kacific is a proud sponsor of the 20th International Cable Congress and Exhibit hosted by Federation of International Cable TV and Telecommunications Association of the Philippines (FICTAP). Brandon Seir, Vice President Sales and Marketing – Asia and International Carriers, will be attending the event to speak with cable operators about expanding networks through well connected …

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Feb 13 2019

Meeting Data Demand in Pacific Townships

Cities in Asia Pacific are fibre-fuelled, highly connected zones where internet-based services are growing at a phenomenal rate. However, large townships and semi-rural areas have a growing demand for internet-based services but not enough bandwidth capacity to keep up with the explosion of internet applications. Connecting these smaller communities will bring great social benefit to locals …

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Nov 29 2018

“Building a 4G LTE Network has Never Been Cheaper or Easier” Says Adrian Potter

Adrian Potter, our Vice President of Special Projects, is also an excellent and vibrant writer. He’s penned a piece encouraging entrepreneurs and smart businesses to take advantage of low CAPEX costs to set up Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and mobile networks in remote regions.

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Oct 18 2018

Connecting the World, Village by Village: Five Reasons Why Satellite is the Key

1. Reaching locations that other technologies can’t reach The very nature of satellite technology means it is often the only viable solution for areas where geography makes access most difficult. Where other methods of connectivity are either substandard, uneconomical or completely absent, only satellite communication technology can deliver affordable and reliable broadband connectivity direct-to-premises.

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Sep 25 2018

Diversification in the Wave of Next-Generation Satellites

The atmosphere beyond our blue earth is a continuing source of fascination for people and businesses alike. Two articles in Svenska Yle and Via Satellite have looked at the wave of new satellite technology – highlighting Kacific as one of the agile players making a real difference to those on the ground.

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Apr 26 2018

Kacific at PITA 2018: Accessibility Grows Micro Markets In The Pacific

Unlocking and Securing Digital Lifestyles in a connected Pacific’ was the theme for PITA 2018 — a theme which resonated with Kacific. Unlocking the access barriers to broadband internet is a key aim for the Kacific-1 satellite and core to the Kacific company.

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Apr 20 2018

Introducing GigStarter: Connect Your Connections

With a high throughput satellite signal above you, all you need is a channel to sell, install, support, monitor and bill the end-user.

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Jun 15 2015

Kacific honoured with award for Best Potential in Asia

Kacific CEO, Christian Patouraux (left), amongst the winners at the France Singapore ICT Awards 2015 Kacific was recognised as having the “Best Potential in Asia” at the France Singapore ICT Awards 2015, at an event held at Singapore’s historic Raffles Hotel. The awards, presented by The French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and Business France in …

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