Aug 22 2022

Kacific Supports Vodafone PNG to Roll Out Brand-New Mobile Network Into Rural Areas

Kacific Mobile Backhaul Services Provide Reliable, High-Speed Connectivity

Singapore, 22 August 2022Kacific Broadband Satellites Group (Kacific) has partnered with Vodafone PNG to deploy the satellite operator’s Mobile Backhaul services, helping to greatly expand Vodafone PNG’s voice and 3G/4G data network into rural areas of Papua New Guinea.

Vodafone PNG based in Papua New Guinea, part of the Amalgamated Telecom Holdings (ATH) Group of companies from Fiji, successfully launched in April 2022, disrupting the nation’s telecommunications market. It is now in the process of rapidly expanding its network and customer base.

Vodafone PNG has committed to wholesale bandwidth delivered by Kacific’s high-speed Ka-band satellite, Kacific1. The cost-effective Mobile Backhaul bandwidth will primarily be used for voice and data, and will serve both residential and enterprise end-users.

“Kacific and Vodafone PNG see huge potential for growth in Papua New Guinea, as well as a genuine thirst from the country’s citizens for affordable and reliable mobile and data services. Together we aim to disrupt the market in a way that brings more choice and better connectivity to everyday people.” says Brandon Seir, Chief Commercial Officer, Kacific.

“There is real potential for satellite-based communication services to help Papua New Guinea increase access to communications services from 10 percent (in 2009) to 100 percent of the population – a goal of the nation’s strategic development plan, Vision 2050,” he adds1.

“In every market, we aim to be the best. With Kacific, Vodafone can provide the best coverage and increase local people’s access to reliable, high-speed voice and data services.” says Nirmal Singh, Managing Director, Vodafone PNG. “Kacific satellite services vastly reduce the cost and complexity of remote terminal installation, allowing Vodafone to rapidly deploy our network across the nation, including to the underserved rural areas. Together we are providing greater access on a large scale, helping increase Papua New Guinea’s basic infrastructure in order to grow and prosper.”

Papua New Guinea is a nation of 9 million inhabitants using over 3.3 million mobile connections leading to a mobile penetration of 36%2. 3G coverage currently reaches around 73% of the population2.

It is the world’s third largest island country by size with an area of over 460,000km, with the vast majority of the population residing in rural areas. It also has one of the lowest population densities in the world, with citizens scattered between islands, coastal areas and mountainous highland terrains. These characteristics add significant cost and challenge to deploying mobile and data services via terrestrial networks. However, satellite services are well-placed to meet the challenge of the varied geography and dispersed population.

The Kacific1 satellite provides widespread coverage in Papua New Guinea, including the main islands of New Guinea, New Britain, New Ireland and Bougainville and the surrounding smaller islands and waters.

Vodafone PNG is the latest customer in the wider Pacific to benefit from Kacific’s affordable, high-speed mobile backhaul services.

  1. The National Strategic Plan Taskforce (NSPT) (2009) Papua New Guinea Vision 2050.
  2. GSMA Intelligence. (July 2022). GSMA Mobile Connectivity Index.



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About Vodafone PNG

Vodafone PNG (Trading name for Digitec Communications Limited) is a fully owned subsidiary of ATH International Venture Pte Limited.

Vodafone PNG brings a diverse range of products and services to suit the needs of all consumers and businesses in Papua New Guinea with the vision to connect further across to the Pacific and the world. Our product’s portfolios are designed and readily available to suit all consumer fronts from individual voice plan solutions to mobile broadband, digital media, e-Commerce and VAS services ranging from the essential everyday connectivity needs to best-designed business applications connecting Papua New Guinea to the region and the globe. As the world transitions into the new normal, Vodafone PNG brings a well-equipped team of experts to operationalise hybrid-work spaces and customize business solutions. We ensure our broad products portfolio meets ICT needs and organisation necessities.

Vodafone PNG sets to open the world of possibilities, augment business transformations, foster digital inclusion and growth culture, and build a strong network of values to strengthen Pacific ties. With global affiliations, Vodafone PNG aims to collaborate with international partners to explore more opportunities in the telecommunication’s scope of Papua New Guinea. Together, we work towards closing the gap between potential and success. With a can-do attitude are ready to forge connections with communities and businesses pivotal for PNG’s growth and competitiveness in the region and the global frontier.

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About Kacific

Kacific Broadband Satellites Group is a next-generation broadband satellite operator providing access to affordable, high-speed broadband across Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Kacific uses advanced, multi-beam space and ground communications technologies to provide a high-quality service to businesses, governments, and communities.

Kacific1, its high-throughput Ka-band satellite, connects underserved rural and suburban areas, fostering greater internet usage, fueling economic growth, and improving the delivery of critical services across the region.

Kacific has been recognised with many awards including Cooperation of the Year Awards (Satcoms Innovation Group Awards ’22), Gold Award for the Most Innovative Tech Startup for the Year (Stevie Awards ’22), Gold Award for the Most Valuable Technical Innovation (Stevie Awards ’22), Silver Award for Innovative Achievement in Sales or Revenue Generation (Stevie Awards ’22), Outstanding Leadership Award: Christian Patouraux (Health 2.0 Conference), Company of the Year, CEO of the Year: Christian Patouraux (Asian Telecommunications Awards 2022), Outstanding Satellite Company (PTC Awards 2022), Project of the Year – Satellite (Global Carrier Awards 2021), Best Digital Inclusion (Pacific ICT Awards, 2019), CEO of the Year for Wholesale & Capacity (Operator): Christian Patouraux (Telecom Review, 2021), Satellite Executive of the Year: Christian Patouraux (APSCC, 2019) and Better World Satellite Award (SSPI, 2018).

Kacific is headquartered in Singapore with main operations out of Vanuatu.

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