Fast Internet for Homes


High-speed internet. Unlimited data.
Affordable prices. Anywhere.

Surf and stream all you want when you connect your home with fast, affordable satellite broadband.

Internet anywhere, get connected!
Kacific lets you quickly connect even the most remote locations to high-speed satellite internet. With fast internet from one of Asia Pacific’s newest satellites, you can browse the web, check email, watch videos, connect with friends on social media, work in the cloud and even make video calls.

All you need is to install a small satellite dish and connect your devices. Then you can start using the internet. Kacific satellite dishes are light and easily carried. They can even be solar-powered.

Internet for everyone anywhere with Kacific.

  • Easy, fast installation
  • Cheapest high-speed satellite internet
  • Local installers and suppliers


Powerful satellite internet service

75cm or 1.2m satellite dish

Up to 25 Mbps access speeds
(Up to 20 Mbps downlink + 5 Mbps uplink)


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