Kacific Enterprise Backup

Don’t get caught without internet

Stay connected 24/7 when you back up your internet with our satellite broadband.

Kacific Enterprise Backup includes a one-off satellite dish installation at each site, combined with a simple per-month, per-site package, by far offsetting the cost of regular, short or mid-term internet disruptions. It can be scaled to suit business needs from SMEs up to large-scale enterprise sites.

Internet connectivity is crucial in allowing most enterprises to carry out their core functions, even in remote areas. Fibre and communication cable cuts are much more common than imagined. Accidents, animals, natural disasters, vandalism and weather all cause communication blackouts for millions of people annually.

Companies and governments lose money every year due to inevitable short telecom network disruptions, bringing business to a standstill. Deloitte estimates that a temporary internet shutdown in a nation with internet penetration of just 35% could lead to a daily loss of 1.9% of GDP.

Kacific Enterprise Backup can help, by providing a secondary high-speed internet connection via a small satellite dish. This very affordable on-demand, hot-backup package allows organisations, factories, and enterprise branches to quickly and automatically recover. They will be able to continue with normal activities, even if their primary internet access is compromised.


High-speed internet on-demand with powerful broadband satellite service

Can be deployed anywhere in city, suburban or rural branches

No hidden costs; works like an insurance policy on your connectivity

Built into your existing solution

75cm or 1.2m satellite dish


Small Office Backup

10 Users




Free First 200MB

Fixed fee for any triggered usage there after

Large Office Backup

25 Users




Free First 200MB

Fixed fee for any triggered usage there after

*Flexible contract duration (1 month minimum)

Standard Terms and Conditions & Fair Usage Policy to apply

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