Kacific GigWiFi

The best of both worlds

Affordable, flexible broadband for everyone

GigWiFi is a two-for-one service that allows businesses to connect up to seven users with a Gigstarter plan and sell ‘WiFi data vouchers’ so other nearby businesses or individuals can pay to access high-speed internet from the same site. GigWiFi combines the best of Gigstarter and Community WiFi so you can enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet and unlimited data for less.

  • Easy, low-cost installation
  • Fully-managed services
  • Unlimited monthly data for business plan
  • Affordable high-speed internet

Kacific GigWiFi combines the best of our Gigstarter and Community WiFi plans to help you get the most efficient solution for unlimited high-speed broadband. Designed for businesses and remote government agencies, GigWiFi allows you to enjoy high-quality broadband while creating a connected workplace for individuals.

Connect your offices with priority high-speed satellite internet, while selling remaining capacity through local shops, cafes, resorts and communities.


Powerful satellite broadband

Paid per month per site

55 Mbps
(Up to 50Mbps downlink and 5 Mbps uplink)

1.2 m or 1.8m satellite dish

Your own WiFi Access Point: a wireless router with a built-in voucher billing system

24/7 online server access for WiFi voucher

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