Sep 11 2023

From Virtual Tours to Online Bookings: The Role of Satellite Internet in Tourism’s Digital Transformation

Kacific offers fast, reliable, and secure broadband connectivity to Matinloc Resort.


From Virtual Tours to Online Bookings: The Role of Satellite Internet in Tourism’s Digital Transformation


Tourism was hit hard by the pandemic, but as the world recovers, businesses look to meet new demands and capture growth opportunities. As a result, reliable internet connectivity has become more essential than ever for tourism operators. And, with satellite internet powering guest experiences, marketing, online transaction, and service delivery, the industry is witnessing a post- pandemic boom.


In 2022, the Philippines exceeded its target of 1.7 million visitors, with 2.65 million international arrivals and a whopping 2,465.75% increase in tourism industry revenue. Based on a Statista survey conducted in June 2022, Boracay and Baguio emerged as the top choices for domestic travel destinations in the previous year. Other popular local destinations such as Siargao, El Nido, and Coron in Palawan are expected to remain popular this 2023. As tourists flock back to resorts and hotels, they expect to stay connected with the world. This is where satellite internet comes in – offering fast, reliable, secure connectivity for tourism businesses to meet customer needs.


Connectivity – more than a lifeline for resorts

With reliable connectivity, tourism operators can simplify each stage of the process for them and their customers. For example, instead of relying on traditional payment methods that require customers to be onsite, resorts can offer online payment options for guests, which can make the payment process more convenient and secure. This can help reduce the risk of fraud and chargebacks and increase guest satisfaction. With online booking systems, resorts can better manage their reservations and availability in real time.


Guests and employees of Mpire Siargao stay connected easily through Kacific’s VSAT


The Mpire Resort Siargao faced a significant challenge with its internet connection, which was slow and unreliable. As a result, guests were frequently frustrated, and the resort’s reputation was at risk. However, Mpire’s situation improved dramatically with the help of Bambunet, a local internet service provider affiliated with Kacific. Working together, Mpire and Bambunet identified an internet plan that met the resort’s requirements and installed a VSAT terminal on the premises. The outcome of this collaboration was a game-changer for the resort. The new connection was fast, reliable, and the satellite internet significantly improved the experience of the resort’s guests. As a result, the resort’s business saw a positive transformation and its reputation was enhanced.


Meanwhile, Matinloc Resort in the Palawan region, known for its stunning location and on-site offerings, has been able to attract guests online, provide complimentary Wi-Fi, stay packages and a range of payment methods, including credit cards and online banking, thanks to the internet connectivity provided by Bambunet. Moreover, with 24-7 local support from Bambunet, the resort can confidently offer its guests more services, like conference and meeting facilities, and support revenue growth with online utilities.


What makes Kacific broadband service so appealing to the tourism industry is its ability to overcome the challenges of remote locations and lack of infrastructure by using small, easily installed antenna dishes to provide high-speed Ka-band internet coverage. Tourism operators can connect up to 60 users on plans with 100Mbps in download and 20Mbps in upload speeds. In addition, responsive local support from an extensive network of ISPs and distributors, and flexible, affordable payment options ensure the best customer experience.


Kacific’s ISPs offer a wide range of plans to meet tourism enterprises’ needs.


Bambunet offers unlimited plans at P10,530 in the Philippines. Kacific’s terminals are designed to be simple and are offered for a one-time terminal fee of P34,000 for most of the plans.


Satellite technology is also less physically vulnerable than traditional internet infrastructure when hit with bad weather, a norm in the Philippines during the monsoon season, thus making it a reliable choice for resorts and hotels in remote locations. With Kacific broadband offers supported by local ISPs, these resorts can confidently operate, adopt online marketing best practices, and expand their offerings to keep up with the growing tourism industry.


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