Agu 30 2022

Vanuatu’s Telemedicine Initiative Continues to Save Lives In Remote Areas – Thanks to Affordable Broadband Internet Provided by Kacific

For people living in rural areas, receiving adequate health care can be challenging, even for the most basic of ailments. Nurses who work in remote areas are often isolated and have fewer resources at their disposal. Yet, when it comes to rapid response to the medical emergencies the right IT infrastructure can help remote medical centres deliver better healthcare services by connecting them to specialists elsewhere.

In Vanuatu, Kacific is part of a telemedicine initiative called VITAL, (Vanuatu Inter-Island Telemedicine and Learning Network) that connects remote healthcare centres with doctors in urban hospitals.

For Nurse Steven Leo, this connection provided crucial access to lifesaving advice for a patient suffering from acute blood loss as a result of complications. Thankfully the patient was evacuated and went on to make a full recovery.

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