Mar 08 2021

Rural Connectivity Symposium for National Development, Kathmandu, Nepal

5 March – Kacific Broadband Satellites, Ltd hosted the first Rural Connectivity Symposium for National Development at the Hotel Yak and Yeti in Kathmandu, Nepal. The symposium gathered government officials, Network and Internet Service Providers, as well as Nepali entrepreneurs and local and international NGOs from the development and disaster response sectors to discuss Nepal’s unique challenges in connectivity.

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority has advised the government to open the Ka-band frequency segment (19.7-21.2 Ghz Downlink, paired with 29.5-31 Ghz Uplink) for use in Nepal. This clearance from the government to open the frequency segment would provide a great opportunity to increase access to connectivity across Nepal, despite the challenges of its terrain and looming threat of natural disaster, at a lower cost through the Kacific1 satellite, which has 56 high-powered spot beams covering countries across the Asia Pacific region, including one dedicated to Nepal.

The event was opened by Christian Patouraux, CEO of Kacific Broadband Satellites via Zoom, and featured guest speakers from Everest Link, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), and Volunteer Corps Nepal (VCN) to discuss the impact that increased internet connectivity and Ka-band access would have on livelihoods, healthcare, education and economic development in Nepal.


See photos from the event here.