Feb 08 2021

YOU can be an Internet Service Provider… with Kacific’s FlexVNO

The internet has empowered millions of small and medium enterprises worldwide, putting new commercial players into the driver’s seat. Take virtual marketplaces like eBay or AliExpress for example; the smallest business, even a single person working from home, can become a successful online retailer without bearing the cost of building and hosting their own e-commerce websites. With PayPal, these small retailers can make and receive payments worldwide instantly without high overhead costs. Selling on the internet is now a liberating and rewarding experience.


But even with all of the empowering platforms and services made available on the internet users remain at the mercy of big telcos or companies with a huge infrastructure, capital equipment, rows of air-conditioned servers, and optical fibre connections.


Well, no more. Kacific now offers a service that would allow you to be an Internet Service Provider. Our Kacific FlexVNO service delivers wholesale, dedicated, uncontended bandwidth and gives you the power to offer truly tailored internet packages to your customers through a myriad of configuration parameters. Take ownership of your leased allocated bandwidth and shape it and package it at will on our Virtual Network Operator platform.


What is an uncontended internet connection? Contention ratio, in normal internet parlance, is the ratio of potential maximum demand to the actual available bandwidth. Normal users may notice this slowdown at ‘peak times’ when more users are using the internet in your local area. A 50:1 contention ratio would mean that up to 50 broadband users could be sharing the same bandwidth or ‘pipe’ to the local exchange at any one time. But on Kacific’s uncontended internet connection, the contention ratio is 1:1, i.e. the bandwidth is being used by only one organisation. Usually provided over a fibre optic leased line, this kind of connection is most likely to be used by businesses that need to transfer a lot of data and need guaranteed reliability and up-time.
All of this is possible with our small, rapidly deployable easily installed, and simple-to-maintain satellite dishes.


Why does Kacific want to give your control of the bandwidth? Because you know your markets best. Take ownership of your leased allocated bandwidth and configure it into different packages for each of your customers using Kacific’s Virtual Network Operator functionality.


Learn more about FlexVNO here.


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