Apr 07 2021

Christian Patouraux shares how Kacific is changing lives of rural communities with Priority Magazine

We are honoured to be featured in the latest edition of Singapore Airline’s in-flight magazine Priority Magazine! In the article, Kacific CEO Christian Patouraux speaks about improving the lives of rural communities in countries such as Bhutan and Tuvalu by offering fast and affordable broadband.

From the article:
‘Patouraux admits his surprise by the changes that their internet access has made possible.

“We foresaw the obvious benefits to education, communication, and productivity, but we never knew that it would also help address issues like poverty or infant mortality.”

The latter, a big problem in many remote areas, benefits from internet availability. For example, a doctor can call for medevac for a woman in labour, access medical records online, or quickly order necessary medication for critical childbirth cases.

“Our work does give us the feeling that we are doing a public service. It’s a great satisfaction whenever I see glimpses of it in the news or customer reports,” Patouraux adds.’


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page 48