Jan 13 2021

Kacific Authorised Distributors: our network on the ground

Anyone wanting a satellite internet connection like Kacific needs some help on the ground; someone to provide the service, a contract giving security over the right time period, access to the reception equipment, dish installation, and after-sales support. That ‘someone’ has to be local, someone who knows the region and the customer –  and who has a privileged relationship with Kacific.

To reach customers in the most remote, rural, and under-connected areas of the Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea, Kacific and our local partners are actively recruiting a network of Kacific Authorised Distributors (KAD). More than 100 were appointed and trained in 2020.

In the Philippines, KADs have played a key role in installing new sites on Leyte, Polilio Island, and for schools and businesses in Mindanao.

VSAT installers with a dish
Terralogix: a VSAT installation for a mining company in Davao
An installation in Hilongos, Leyte (the Philippines)

If you own a shop in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, or Indonesia and want to consider becoming a Kacific Authorised Distributor, email us at sales@kacific.com or drop us a direct message at www.facebook.com/Kacific.

    • Earn excellent commissions
    • Receive dedicated technical support
    • Access a range of cutting-edge products
    • Enjoy marketing and sales support
    • Tap into our regional inventories of satellite antennas
    • Make a difference in your community

Stay tuned -we’ll soon be sharing more about the Kacific Authorised Distributor Network and where you can get satellite internet broadband for your home, work, or community facility.