Feb 14 2024

Kacific’s Double Win at PTC’24 Solidifies its Pacific Leadership, Recognizing Satellite Excellence and Innovation

Kacific Broadband Satellites Group has been recognised for excellence in the satellite industry and exceptional achievements in leveraging the latest technologies at the PTC’ 24 Awards presented by the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC). Honoured with the Outstanding Satellite Company Award and the Outstanding Innovation Award for its all-in-one, transportable Wi-Fi communications solution CommsBox, Kacific once again solidifies its position as an industry leader and innovator.

This recognition marks the second time Kacific has been named the Outstanding Satellite Company of the Year by PTC. The PTC Awards acknowledge the commitment and advancements made in the telecommunications and ICT sectors. These awards not only recognise exceptional achievements but also celebrate the transformative spirit driving the industry forward.

Outstanding Satellite Company of the Year

Kacific’s win as the Outstanding Satellite Company of the Year highlights its excellence in satellite applications, providing reliable and efficient services for communications and contributions to global connectivity. With a focus on affordability, Kacific has revolutionised access to the internet in remote and rural communities through the innovative Gigstarter product, a retail model that prioritises service affordability. Serving 25 countries across Asia-Pacific, Kacific’s impact is evident, connecting more than 500,000 end-users, including 3,379 schools, 378 healthcare clinics and various other essential services across the region through its innovative connectivity solutions.

The Kacific1 satellite plays a crucial role in connecting underserved areas and bridging the digital divide. With the development of Kacific2, the company aims to address unmet demand by expanding Kacific’s coverage to new markets, potentially covering a population of up to 1 billion.

Kacific’s outstanding achievements are made possible through the dedicated support and collaboration of more than 600 partners, internet service providers and distributors.

Outstanding Innovation of the Year

Many countries Kacific serve are in the Pacific Ring of Fire and face frequent earthquakes and tsunamis. As climate change heightens the risk in the region, solutions like the Kacific CommsBox and the newly launched CommsBox Ultra play a crucial role in supporting the region’s large and growing population. Its ability to provide immediate and reliable communication in crises is not only innovative but also lifesaving, especially when traditional communication infrastructures are often compromised during these times.

The Kacific CommsBox has been rapidly adopted by essential entities like the Government of Fiji, Indonesia and Local Government Units in the Philippines, proving its efficacy and reliability in real-world scenarios. It stands out as a resilient communication solution thoughtfully designed to function amidst ground infrastructure failures. It features a fire-proof and waterproof all-in-one portable container, solar panels and an auto-tracking maritime antenna that connects to the Kacific1 satellite. This setup provides a reliable internet connection with speeds of up to 55Mbps, empowering first responders and ensuring a rapid response to emergencies.

In 2024, Kacific looks forward to introducing new innovative solutions such as the Manpack and Auto-pointing Antenna to address critical connectivity needs. This strategic expansion reflects Kacific’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

Innovative leadership

Upon accepting the awards, Kacific’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Brandon Seir, emphasised: “We are grateful for these awards, as they affirm Kacific’s role in enhancing the Pacific region’s resilience and providing crucial assistance when needed most. Our innovative technology and agile business model align with our mission to connect rural and remote communities. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our invaluable network of partners, ISPs and distributors, whose great support and work have been instrumental in achieving these milestones. We are committed to improving the quality of lives in the Asia-Pacific, enhancing disaster response, saving lives and aiding communities during crises, resonating with the vision and mission of PTC.”

As Kacific continues to expand its services with the development of Kacific2, the company remains dedicated to its vision of driving affordable connectivity and empowering communities. Kacific’s achievements at PTC’24 are not just a recognition of its successes but also reflect its enduring commitment to innovation, excellence and transformative impact in the telecommunications and ICT sectors.