Jan 31 2024

Kacific’s innovation elevates disaster resilience communications to new levels with CommsBox Ultra

CommsBox Ultra provides instant connectivity to quickly re-establish communications for civil defence and aid agencies in Asia-Pacific

Singapore, 15 January 2024 — In response to escalating natural disasters impacting remote communities across the Asia-Pacific region, Kacific introduces the new and enhanced CommsBox – CommsBox Ultra, a game-changing advancement in disaster communication technology aimed at redefining emergency preparedness and response capabilities in high-risk areas. This introduction expands Kacific’s range of disaster communication products, offering an enhanced version alongside the existing and trusted CommsBox.

Since its 2022 launch, CommsBox has been a trusted solution, recognised with the prestigious Gold Stevie® Award for ‘Achievement in Product Innovation’. It has earned the trust of multiple government agencies in Asia and the Pacific as an all-in-one, transportable WiFi communications solution for disaster relief. Various nations, including Fiji, the Philippines and Indonesia, have purchased units of CommsBox to ensure that communication is not compromised even in the aftermath of emergencies.

Building upon the success of CommsBox, CommsBox Ultra emerges in response to invaluable feedback from communities in disaster-prone regions. CommsBox Ultra brings forth a suite of unique features designed to fortify disaster response efforts:

Crafted with durable materials and advanced engineering, CommsBox Ultra features a reinforced structure, ensuring resilience in disaster zones and physical impacts during transportation across challenging terrains.

CommsBox Ultra sets a new standard in adaptability with three innovative detachable modules, including the antenna module, the electrical component module, and a dedicated wheel component. This user-friendly design harmonises efficiency and flexibility by simplifying transportation, equipment compartmentalisation, and rapid access to components. The integration of the wheel component significantly improves portability, enabling effortless deployment and repositioning in dynamic disaster scenarios.

An easily accessible, removable battery is enclosed within the electronic module, aiming to facilitate swift access for replacement, external charging, or expedited removal for air freight clearance during emergencies.

Experience unparalleled signal reliability with CommsBox Ultra’s dual polarisation feature. The new dual polarisation antenna ensures a seamless connection, enhancing signal strength and reliability and eliminating manual adjustments.

Linked to the Kacific1 satellite, a HTS geostationary satellite boasting 99.99% reliability, CommsBox Ultra enables connectivity anywhere within Kacific1’s extensive coverage across 25 countries. Additionally, its WiFi access point allows relief teams to relay critical multimedia information to central relief operations. With speeds of up to 55Mbps and prioritised connections, it ensures uninterrupted communication, vital during crises.

Growing Need for Disaster Resilience
Considering the escalating economic losses in the APAC region due to extreme weather events, with losses surging from US$37.4 billion to US$465 billion between 1970 and 2019, the need for advanced disaster response technologies has never been more critical1. In 2022 alone, the region faced 140 major natural disasters, resulting in 7,300 casualties and affecting 62 million people2.

Governments in the APAC region are placing increased emphasis on improving emergency preparedness. Kacific’s CommsBox Ultra is positioned as a response to this growing need, providing an advanced and tailored solution to ensure vulnerable communities receive timely and accurate information during crises.

Continued Commitment to Innovation
The introduction of CommsBox Ultra underlines Kacific’s unwavering dedication to innovation. It represents an advancement in a series of forthcoming launches to address evolving challenges and enhance disaster resilience across the Asia-Pacific region. This innovative stride is just the beginning, with a diverse range of emergency products set to follow.

Kacific’s Chief Executive Officer, Christian Patouraux, stated that the company was driven to develop CommsBox Ultra following the overwhelmingly positive response to the original CommsBox.

“We’ve had great support from government agencies across the region, and many are already using CommsBox as part of their disaster relief and emergency management efforts,” says Christian. “Asia-Pacific is the most disaster-prone region in the world. The decision to develop CommsBox Ultra with new features, making it even more user-friendly and resilient in disaster scenarios, reflects Kacific’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Functions like dual polarisation and reinforced structure will ensure instant, reliable connectivity, enabling government, civil defence and first responders to reach the last mile.”

Each Kacific CommsBox Ultra includes:

  • A shock-resistant, fire and water-resistant and transportable container 65cm auto-pointing antenna
  • Preconfigured modem and satellite electronics Solar-power panels
  • External battery charger User tablet
  • Drone integration for real-time aerial surveillance (add-on)

For further information on CommsBox Ultra and Kacific’s suite of emergency communication solutions, please visit – https://kacific.com/services/kacific-commsbox-ultra

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