Mar 10 2023

Revolutionizing the Resort Experience: The Power of Satellite Internet Connectivity in Remote Areas

Kiudkad Last Resort uses satellite internet from Bambunet powered by Kacific | Photo by: Kiudkad’s Facebook page

The Philippines is a popular travel destination, known for its beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. For those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, private resorts offer a luxurious and tranquil setting for rest and relaxation. However, in many of these remote locations, access to the internet can be a challenge. Fortunately, satellite internet has made it easier than ever for resorts in the country to offer their guests a reliable and high-speed internet connection.

Satellite internet is a form of high-speed internet that relies on the satellite orbiting the earth to transmit and receive data. This type of internet is ideal for resorts that are located in remote areas where traditional infrastructure such as Fibre optics or mobile networks are unavailable. With satellite internet, resorts can improve their business operations and provide their guests with a reliable internet service that allows them to stay connected to the world, share their experiences, and access important information.

Kacific offers affordable and reliable internet access to remote resorts

Kacific1 is a Geostationary satellite, which means that it can provide connectivity over a fixed large coverage area across all 7,640 islands in the Philippines. It is highly suitable for connecting resorts in secluded spots where fibre cables cannot reach.

Kacific1 uses Ka-band satellite technology which provides higher throughput (meaning higher download and upload speeds for everyday usage) and is more affordable than its predecessors, Ku-band and C-band satellites. Kacific has concentrated spot beams that cover all the remote areas — from Batanes to Palawan and even all the way to Sulu. These high-power spot beams result in availabilities between 99.5% and 99.9%.

In addition, Kacific1’s 1.2m satellite antennas are more affordable than most Ku and C band terminals, making them easier to install and mobilise. Unique features in the satellite technology of Kacific have enabled the service to mitigate the effects of rain fade. This is achieved through diverse uplink availability and having two local teleports located in Subic Bay and Clark that serve as backup sites, ensuring consistent internet speeds even in inclement weather conditions.

Guests and employees can utilize thehigh-speed, reliable, and affordable satellite broadband.

Randall Dagooc, the owner of Kiudkad the Last Resort in Siruma, Camarines Sur, expressed how difficult it is to run a tourism business without the internet. “Before getting the VSAT powered by Bambunet, we used to walk for 20 minutes to go to higher ground and get a poor signal. It was inefficient, and there were so many miscommunications along the line. For business, it’s really bad,” he said.

Using Kacific satellite internet services, with equipment installed and distributed by its local Internet Service Provider, Bambunet, KiudKad Last Resort can now connect to their potential clientele and meet the needs of its guests.

DS-Link Internet And Cable Installation Services, a Kacific Authorized Distributor of Bambunet, installs the VSAT.

Lifesaving technology: Satellite Internet improves emergency response in resorts

Aside from streamlined operations, enhanced customer experience, and digital services accessibility, Dagooc believes that the most important benefit of the internet service is faster communication during emergencies.

“Sometimes, there are emergencies in the coastal community, and we have to call for help,” Dagooc shared. “There was a time when someone from the resort almost drowned! We had to call the municipality for rescue and medical assistance. Because of the satellite internet service, communication was quick, and we were able to save a life,” he added.

“I researched before committing to satellite internet. I’ve read good feedback about Bambunet. From installation to after-sales support, they are really good. If there are problems, I would just send them a message, and they will quickly send a diagnosis as to where the problem may lie,” he said.

Bambunet offers unlimited plans starting at P5,940 in the Philippines. Terminals are offered for a one-time terminal fee of P34,000 or P52,000, depending on the size of the plan. A one-time installation fee of P10,000 is charged by distributors to install the terminal kit in a specific area.

Bambunet powered by Pipol Broadband offers unlimited plans.

Digitalized tourism services as one of the government’s priority goals

According to the Department of Tourism, Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco has formally partnered with the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) to enhance the tourist experience at various established centres nationwide.

On December 20, 2022, Frasco signed the agreement, stating that the partnership will result in improved internet connectivity in at least 94 destinations and the introduction of more digitized tourism services.

The main objective of the program is to make travel seamless for all types of travellers. To achieve this, the DOT, DICT, BI, BOQ, and DOH have launched the E-arrival pass, which integrates all the requirements of five government agencies into one platform.

“It makes travel as convenient as possible for any Filipino or tourist coming into the country by removing any barriers that would otherwise dissuade tourists from coming into the Philippines,” she said.

In conclusion, the partnership between the government and private resorts to achieve digital accessibility to the tourism industry through satellite internet is a game-changer in providing an enhanced travel experience to visitors in the Philippines. As more areas gain access to the internet, a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities can be expected, contributing to a more connected world.

“I’m thankful to Bambunet for making our lives easy and convenient. The benefits of satellite internet are encompassing – the positive impact of this has extended beyond just myself and my family, as it has also had a significant influence on the wider community here.” Dagooc shared.

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