Mar 20 2019

Kacific CEO Talks with Telecom Times

CEO and founder, Christian Patouraux, sat down with Richard Van Der Draay, editor of Telecom Times, to give insight into the exciting growth phase the company is undergoing as we count down to the service commencing from Kacific1.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“We need to make sure that we have people on the ground – boots on the ground – to hold the hands of our customers,” Kacific founder and CEO Christian Patouraux told Telecom Times, adding that the firm expects to have increased its headcount to 40 or 45 from the current 20 staff.

“We won’t have installers ourselves because we don’t do that,” Patouraux added. “We sell capacity and megabits to our customers. We own our teleports but our customers have to install the terminal and install the service. But we will have people in those countries also to help customers address issue.”

Patouraux emphasised the enormous demand for broadband services in some of the firm’s target markets, saying that according to Kacific’s own independent advisers as well as a recent government report, in Indonesia by next year there will be demand equalling 1 Tbps. “In 2025, that demand will grow up to 5 Tbps. Now, today in Indonesia, there’s only 50 Gbps of satellite,” he added. 

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Kacific CEO Talks with Telecom Times