Sep 14 2021

Kacific Launches Two-for-One GigWiFi Service to offer more efficient and flexible internet access for businesses

Two services with a single terminal – the best of both worlds

15 September 2021. Kacific Broadband Satellites has introduced a combination broadband service that gives enterprise customers with complex workplaces more flexible internet access. Called GigWiFi, the service combines the best of Kacific’s Gigstarter and Community WiFi services, allowing businesses to connect office workers to a head office LAN, while providing internet services to the surrounding community needing remote access to a WiFI service, all from a single powerful terminal.

GigWiFi is Kacific‘s most efficient solution for those needing unlimited, flexible high-speed broadband, targeted at agricultural, manufacturing and tourism businesses, government agencies and others with hybrid workplaces who needs both LAN and WiFi access but did not want the cost and overhead involved in operating two terminals.

Under this new two-for-one service, businesses can connect up to seven office staff on a Gigstarter plan and provide monitored WiFi access to workers in fields, warehouses and yards at the same time.

A fully managed service, GigWiFi is easily installed, at a low-cost. The Gigstarter segment delivers 55 Mbps (Up to 50Mbps in downlink speeds and 5 Mbps in uplink speeds) on an unlimited plan, while the Community WiFi segment delivers 25 Mbps (Up to 20 Mbps in downlink speeds and 5 Mbps in uplink speeds) via a separate plan.

The GigWiFi service comes with a built-in voucher system with 24/7 online server access, so a business can generate ‘WIFI vouchers’ and sell excess capacity to nearby businesses or individuals who want to access high-speed internet.

The GigWifi kit consists of a 1.2m antenna, a 3W transceiver and a Newtech MDM2510 modem coupled with a Microtik router and Cambium WiFi access point.

“GigWiFi is in line with Kacific’s core purpose, to make fast affordable broadband available everywhere,” says Beatrice Mok, Kacific’s Marketing Director. “It combines the best of two popular plans, Gigstarter and Community WiFi, so customers can enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet and unlimited data for less in all parts of their workplace.

“Designed with businesses and government agencies in mind, GigWiFi allows customers to create a connected workplace by deploying high-quality broadband inside and outside the office. And if they have excess capacity, they can offer WiFi data vouchers to establish a new revenue stream that will help offset costs.”

Target market:
GigWifi will suit medium to large enterprises and government agencies who want a Gigstarter plan for the main office and wish also to provide WiFi for staff on the farm, in the yard or warehouse, at the gate, on the dock or in smaller units or other external locations.

Key features
• Powerful satellite internet broadband from the new Kacific1 satellite
• Unlimited 7-user plan, connecting up to 7 users with 55 Mbps (Up to 50Mbps in downlink speeds and 5 Mbps in uplink speeds)
• Flexible WiFi service: 25 Mbps (Up to 20 Mbps in downlink speeds and 5 Mbps in uplink speeds)
• 1.2 m antenna , ST Engineering iDirect’s Newtec MDM2510 modem and Microtik router and Cambium WiFi access point
• Cost recovery through sale of WiFi vouchers with 24/7 online server access

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