Kacific GigWiFi

Kacific Wins The Gold Stevie® Award for its Excellence in Innovation in Technology Industries

Jun 07 2024 | Read More

Kacific and Microsoft Partner to Reach 10 Million People in the Asia Pacific with Internet Access Initiative

Apr 08 2024 | Read More

Kacific’s CommsBox Takes Top Spot as Innovation of the Year at SIG 2024

Kacific Broadband Satellites Group was recognised at the Satcoms Innovation Group …

Apr 02 2024 | Read More

Kacific’s Double Win at PTC’24 Solidifies its Pacific Leadership, Recognizing Satellite Excellence and Innovation

Feb 13 2024 | Read More

Kacific’s innovation elevates disaster resilience communications to new levels with CommsBox Ultra

CommsBox Ultra provides instant connectivity to quickly re-establish communications for civil …

Jan 15 2024 | Read More

Kacific Wins Euroconsult Universal Broadband Award 2023

Leading international consulting firm Euroconsult has honoured Kacific Broadband Satellites Group …

Sep 15 2023 | Read More

From Virtual Tours to Online Bookings: The Role of Satellite Internet in Tourism’s Digital Transformation

Kacific offers fast, reliable, and secure broadband connectivity to Matinloc Resort. …

Sep 11 2023 | Read More

Kacific and Solomon Telekom Company Limited (STCL) Join Forces in Partnership to Restore Internet Services after Anchor Incident

Jun 19 2023 | Read More

Enhancing events in remote areas with satellite broadband

Many events, such as outdoor activities and field trips, take place …

May 10 2023 | Read More

Joining The Smart Farming Revolution with Satellite Broadband

The emergence of agricultural technology is transforming the world of farming, …

May 02 2023 | Read More

Delivering Equitable Healthcare To Remote Regions With Satellite Broadband

Satellite broadband allows access to critical healthcare services, no matter where …

May 02 2023 | Read More

Fostering Innovation In Education With Satellite Broadband

Satellite broadband is a key enabler of the delivery of educational …

May 02 2023 | Read More

How Satellite Broadband is Transforming Manufacturing in Asia Pacific

Satellite broadband is proving essential for closing connectivity gaps in APAC’s …

May 02 2023 | Read More

Kacific Wins the Gold Stevie® Award for CommsBox: Innovative Disaster Response Solution for Asia-Pacific Region

Singapore, 21 April 2023 – CommsBox, a transportable, all-in-one satellite communications …

Apr 23 2023 | Read More

Kacific named “Satellite Company of the Year 2023 – Singapore” at Business Excellence Awards

Singapore, February 23, 2023 – Singapore-based satellite company, Kacific Broadband Satellites …

Mar 10 2023 | Read More

Revolutionizing the Resort Experience: The Power of Satellite Internet Connectivity in Remote Areas

Mar 10 2023 | Read More

Kacific and ST Engineering iDirect extend technology partnership to expand satellite connectivity in Southeast Asia and other regions

Feb 14 2023 | Read More

World Economic Magazine recognised Kacific at the 2022 Awards Presentation

Singapore, 27 January 2023 – World Economic Magazine has acknowledged Kacific …

Jan 27 2023 | Read More

Kacific’s Innovation Recognised at Singapore Business Awards

Singapore, 23  December 2022 – Kacific has been recognised in its …

Dec 23 2022 | Read More

Kacific and Telikom Limited Solidify Partnership, Focus on Further Expansion

Singapore, 17 November 2022 — Following a successful year of offering …

Nov 18 2022 | Read More

Most Innovative Broadband Satellite Operator – Singapore 2022

Kacific’s innovation efforts recognised at the Global Business Outlook Awards 2022 …

Nov 16 2022 | Read More

Kacific and Tonga Communications Corporation Increase Tonga’s Communications Infrastructure Resilience

Nov 01 2022 | Read More

Kacific’s investment in innovation recognised at the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards 2022

Oct 24 2022 | Read More

Kacific Crossbow and Gigastarter Packages

Kacific Launches Gigstarter self-service Platform and Retail Packages – Positioning Its …

Oct 19 2022 | Read More

Further recognition for trailblazing Kacific CEO: Christian Patouraux

Christian Patouraux’s driven and purposeful leadership has once again been recognised, …

Oct 06 2022 | Read More

Ensuring financial inclusion with reliable internet connectivity

Internet connectivity has become a core system for the world’s financial …

Sep 11 2022 | Read More

Kacific appoints Ivan Fong as Managing Director of the Pacific

Singapore, 08 September 2022 — Kacific Broadband Satellites Group (Kacific) is …

Sep 08 2022 | Read More

Connecting Rural Healthcare in the Philippines

  26 May 2022 – On the outer rim of the …

Jun 01 2022 | Read More

Kacific and GuarantCo Named Winners of Cooperation of the Year Award at SIG Awards

Apr 15 2022 | Read More

Kacific introduces Asia Pacific’s first HTS Ka-band Enterprise Backup service

Protects organisations from internet outages Singapore, 30 March 2022 — Kacific …

Apr 15 2022 | Read More

Kacific: A Unique Business Model that Combines Commercial Success with Meeting Sustainable Development Goals

Mar 11 2022 | Read More

Connecting Private Island Resorts with Kacific’s High-speed Satellite Broadband

Mar 11 2022 | Read More

Kacific and Farmer Charlie team up to grow agricultural output and support sustainable development across Pacific

MoU addresses sustainable agriculture, climate change, land management, and risk mitigation …

Feb 15 2022 | Read More

Kacific wins Satellite Project of the Year at Global Carrier Awards 2021

Singapore December 2021 — Kacific’s COVID-19 Response has been recognized as …

Feb 01 2022 | Read More

Kacific Goes All-in on AWS to Scale up Delivery of its Broadband Internet to Remote Areas and Improve Lives

Dec 20 2021 | Read More

Kacific Makes Entry Cost for Satellite Broadband More Affordable for Underserved Markets.

Easier setup, lower terminal and installation costs with high throughput ST …

Dec 01 2021 | Read More

Santo Beams Live into COP 26 powered by Kacific Community WiFi Service

Santo, Monday 8 November 2021 — Kacific Broadband Satellites is proud …

Nov 25 2021 | Read More

The First Ka-band Mobile Backhaul Service by Kacific Enables Mobile Operators to Provide Better Service to Customers

Nov 23 2021 | Read More

Catalysing Tuvalu’s ICT ambitions

By Dionisia Tabureguci, Islands Business Magazine This article was first published …

Nov 06 2021 | Read More

Kacific deploys ST Engineering iDirect’s Mx-DMA® MRC return technology to increase digital inclusion across Asia Pacific

Industry’s most powerful return technology offers satellite operator unrivaled service agility …

Nov 02 2021 | Read More

Kacific Launches Two-for-One GigWiFi Service to offer more efficient and flexible internet access for businesses

Sep 14 2021 | Read More

Satellite internet crucial to community healthcare in Papua New Guinea

PNG Sustainable Development Program (SDP) and Kacific team up to provide …

May 25 2021 | Read More

Kacific and 3 Link roll out broadband satellite service to 118 health clinics across Vanuatu

Internet connectivity aims to lower maternal mortality rates in Vanuatu

Apr 26 2021 | Read More

Tuvalu Telecommunications Corporation Partners with Kacific to Deliver Internet Nationwide with Maximum Flexibility

Apr 13 2021 | Read More

Christian Patouraux shares how Kacific is changing lives of rural communities with Priority Magazine

Apr 07 2021 | Read More

Rural Connectivity Symposium for National Development, Kathmandu, Nepal

5 March – Kacific Broadband Satellites, Ltd hosted the first Rural …

Mar 08 2021 | Read More

Kacific has won INSEAD Alumni Association ‘Business as a Force for Good Award – 2021’

By Nathalie DE SPIEGELEIRE After several rounds of consideration, we are …

Mar 01 2021 | Read More

Kacific1: The Advantages of Geostationary Orbit

On 16 December 2019, Kacific launched its first Ka-band HTS satellite, …

Feb 22 2021 | Read More

YOU can be an Internet Service Provider… with Kacific’s FlexVNO

The internet has empowered millions of small and medium enterprises worldwide, …

Feb 08 2021 | Read More

Ka-band’s faster, cheaper internet for rural Nepal

Following the recommendation of the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) to the …

Jan 28 2021 | Read More

The Magic of the Internet Protocol

By Marcus Bicknell As you read this article today, take a …

Jan 27 2021 | Read More

Get a headstart on your personal goals for 2021

Pursue an education with Murdoch University at Kaplan, which offers specialised …

Jan 22 2021 | Read More

Satellite connectivity boosting justice system in Papua New Guinea: NZ Law Society

Jan 13 2021 | Read More

Kacific Authorised Distributors: our network on the ground

Anyone wanting a satellite internet connection like Kacific needs some help …

Jan 13 2021 | Read More

Getting Kacific is easy as ABC

Anywhere in the Pacific, you can make Kacific the heart of …

Jan 06 2021 | Read More

16 December 2019: The launch of Kacific1

By Christian Patouraux From around the time the satellite got completed …

Dec 16 2020 | Read More

Satellite dishes open communication lines for rural health facilities in PNG’s Western Province

Dec 07 2020 | Read More

Ka Band satellites have eliminated any rain fade disadvantage

By Marcus Bicknell Both terrestrial point-to-point and satellite transmissions are subject …

Dec 04 2020 | Read More

Kacific Plans Second Satellite: Kacific2

30 October 2020 –Kacific Broadband Satellites Group (Kacific) has started directing …

Oct 30 2020 | Read More

Kacific wins IJGlobal Award – 2019 Asia Pacific Telecoms deal of the year

Kacific has won the Project Finance and Infrastructure Magazine’s ‘IJGlobal 2019 …

Jul 26 2020 | Read More

Tuvalu Government signs agreement with Kacific for wide-ranging suite of connectivity services

Nationwide connectivity, trunking, mobile backhaul, marine and back-up services Funafuti, Tuvalu, …

Jul 21 2020 | Read More

ITU and Kacific join forces to boost emergency telecoms and ICT development in Vanuatu

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Kacific have joined forces to boost …

May 21 2020 | Read More

GuarantCo and PIDG Technical Assistance support investees Kacific Broadband Satellites Group and Acorn Holdings Limited to respond to the COVID-19 crisis in Asia Pacific and Kenya

May 20 2020 | Read More

Satellite service to help remote medical clinics combat Covid-19 across Asia Pacific

Announcement: As recent epidemics have shown, rural and remote communities, although …

Mar 30 2020 | Read More

Kacific1 Broadband Services Commence Across Asia Pacific

Singapore, 9 March 2020 – Kacific1, Kacific Broadband Satellites Group’s (Kacific) …

Mar 08 2020 | Read More

Kacific Conducts First Mobile Backhaul over Geo-Stationary Ka-band Satellite in Pacific Islands

Singapore, 27 February 2020 – Kacific Broadband Satellites Group (Kacific) has …

Feb 27 2020 | Read More

Kacific’s first satellite successfully launches to space! [English and Bahasa]

Cape Canaveral, FL. 16 December 2019 – Kacific1 was launched successfully …

Dec 17 2019 | Read More

JCSAT-18/Kacific1 Mission

SPACEX JCSAT18 Kacific1 Mission Press Kit  

Dec 16 2019 | Read More

Kacific secures US$160 million in long-term credit facilities

Singapore, 6 December 2019 – As it readies for its first …

Dec 06 2019 | Read More

Directing affordable broadband capacity to places where its most needed

In this month’s edition of Global VSAT Forum’s CEO View section, …

Dec 04 2019 | Read More

ADB aims high – first ever ADB satellite financing expanding broadband access for millions

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (2 December 2019)—The Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed a …

Dec 02 2019 | Read More

Kacific and Tata Communications Ink Global IP Connectivity and Cyber Security Deal

Singapore, 28 November 2019 – Kacific Broadband Satellites Group (Kacific) has …

Nov 28 2019 | Read More

Vanuatu’s Telemedicine Initiative Continues to Save Lives In Remote Areas – Thanks to Affordable Broadband Internet Provided by Kacific

Nov 22 2019 | Read More

Christian Patouraux named Satellite Executive of the Year – APSCC

Kacific’s Founder and CEO Christian Patouraux has been named Satellite Executive …

Nov 20 2019 | Read More

Kacific1 satellite arrives at SpaceX launch site in Cape Canaveral, Florida

Cape Canaveral, FL. 14 November 2019 – The Kacific1 communications satellite, …

Nov 15 2019 | Read More

Kacific1 Milestone: Boeing has shipped Kacific1

The Boeing Satellite Systems International (Boeing) Factory in California has shipped …

Nov 04 2019 | Read More

Kacific Secures Infrastructure Location With Petro1 For Its Broadband Services To Indonesia And The Wider Region.

Oct 28 2019 | Read More

Chicago Booth Magazine Spotlights Cyril Annarella’s Success In Aerospace Feature

Oct 23 2019 | Read More

Winner of essay writing contest Mariah Nasak visits Boeing and SpaceX

Mariah Nasak, winner of Kacific’s ‘Touch the Sky’ essay writing contest, …

Oct 14 2019 | Read More

Samoa’s Telecommunications Regulator Views Brand-New Kacific1 Satellite at Boeing Factory

24 September 2019 – Telecommunications regulator Lefaoali’i Unutoa Auelua-Fonoti recently visited …

Sep 24 2019 | Read More

L’Internet satellitaire à haut débit arrivera en Polynésie française au début 2020

Sep 03 2019 | Read More

Agile Players Gravity and Kacific Bring Competition to Broadband Market

3 September 2019 – Gravity Internet (Gravity) and Kacific Broadband Satellites …

Sep 02 2019 | Read More

Kacific Taps ABS’ Ground Infrastructure for its Gateway Services to the Philippines and the Greater Pacific Region.

Aug 26 2019 | Read More

Kacific to Fly Vanuatu Student to Visit Space Factories

We are looking forward to flying Mariah Nasak, a ni-Vanuatu university …

Jul 10 2019 | Read More

Kacific1 Milestones: Bus and Payload Integration Complete

If you were to step inside the Boeing Satellite Systems International …

Jul 04 2019 | Read More

Media Statement: Samoa’s Pacific Satellite Connectivity Project and Kacific

Jun 17 2019 | Read More

Pacific Satellite Connectivity Project – Samoa

PRESS RELEASE – Office of the Regulator, Samoa – 14 June …

Jun 14 2019 | Read More

Christian Shares Personal Journey With Salamander Magazine

“When next-generation broadband satellite operator Kacific launches its first satellite later …

Jun 04 2019 | Read More

Kacific Recognised for Best Digital Inclusion in the Pacific

22 May 2019 – Kacific Broadband Satellites Group (Kacific) won the …

May 21 2019 | Read More

INSEAD Alumni Gain Insight Into The Business Of Affordable Internet

In the spirit of sharing knowledge and building strong partnerships, we recently hosted INSEAD alumni at our offices in Singapore. Both Christian Patouraux and our Board Chairman James Gould are alumni of INSEAD’s MBA course, so it was a pleasure for Kacific to give back to the international business school.

May 13 2019 | Read More

Award-Winning Satellite Technology Driving Solutions to the Digital Divide

May 07 2019 | Read More

Interview with Philippines Airlines’ Mabuhay Magazine

Flying in or out of Manila this month? You’ll spot the …

Apr 25 2019 | Read More

Kacific1 Moves Into Final Phase Of Construction – On Track For 2019 Service

23 April 2019 – Following the successful completion of payload and …

Apr 23 2019 | Read More

Tongan Government Signs Deal With Kacific for Remote Island Connectivity and Fibre back-up

Nadi, 15 April 2019 – Kacific Broadband Satellites Group (Kacific) has …

Apr 15 2019 | Read More

Satellite’s Role In Relieving The Tonga Fibre Cut

When the sole fibre cable connecting Tonga to the outside world …

Apr 09 2019 | Read More

Activations, Presentations and Party Time at PITA 2019

Kacific is proud to be the platinum sponsor of the 23rd …

Apr 01 2019 | Read More

Kacific CEO Talks with Telecom Times

CEO and founder, Christian Patouraux, sat down with Richard Van Der …

Mar 20 2019 | Read More

Kacific Becomes a Full Member of GVF

Kacific deepened its commitment to the GVF by attaining Full Membership …

Mar 12 2019 | Read More

Kacific Sponsors FICTAP 20th International Cable Congress

Kacific is a proud sponsor of the 20th International Cable Congress …

Mar 06 2019 | Read More

Meeting Data Demand in Pacific Townships

Cities in Asia Pacific are fibre-fuelled, highly connected zones where internet-based …

Feb 13 2019 | Read More

Kacific1 Milestones: Testing Begins

Near the end of 2018, Boeing began the Kacific1 HTS payload …

Feb 07 2019 | Read More

Tongan Fibre-Optic Cable Outage Relieved by Satellite

Auckland, 21 January 2019 – Since 8:30pm yesterday evening (Sunday 20th …

Jan 20 2019 | Read More

Kacific Awards Newtec Contract To Boost Affordable Broadband Services Across Asia-Pacific On Kacific1

Newtec Dialog® platform will enable the delivery of applications to those beyond the reach of terrestrial infrastructures

Jan 09 2019 | Read More

Kacific Lays Out Service Plans to Support Launch of Kacific1. Outlines Plans for Kacific2

Kacific CEO Christian Patouraux discusses the company’s expansion plans with Space News Caleb Henry in the lead up to the launch of Kacific1. He also outlined Kacific’s plans for a standalone Kacific2 satellite “potentially a very large type of asset.

Jan 04 2019 | Read More

Philippines VIPs Mark Milestones in the Construction of Kacific Satellite at Boeing Factory

18 December 2018 – Senior executives and investors from We Are IT (WIT) Philippines recently visited the Boeing satellite factory in El Segundo, California to mark an important construction milestone of Kacific1.

Dec 18 2018 | Read More

Kacific Accepts 2018 Better Satellite World Award

Kacific founder and CEO, Christian Patouraux, accepted the 2018 Better Satellite World Award at a ceremony in London on Monday night in recognition of the company’s work bringing affordable connectivity via next-generation satellites to the people of South East Asia and the Pacific.

Dec 05 2018 | Read More

“Building a 4G LTE Network has Never Been Cheaper or Easier” Says Adrian Potter

Adrian Potter, our Vice President of Special Projects, is also an excellent and vibrant writer. He’s penned a piece encouraging entrepreneurs and smart businesses to take advantage of low CAPEX costs to set up Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and mobile networks in remote regions.

Nov 29 2018 | Read More

Senior Government Ministers and Public Servants Mark Milestone in Satellite Construction at Boeing Factory

Senior members of the Vanuatu Government, trade and tourism offices recently visited the Boeing satellite factory to mark the construction milestone of Kacific-1, a next-generation satellite which will stream high-speed low-cost broadband to Vanuatu from next year.

Nov 05 2018 | Read More

Kacific Announced as Recipient of the 2018 Better Satellite World Award from Space & Satellite Professionals International

Space & Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) recently announced that Kacific will receive a 2018 Better Satellite World Award.

Oct 30 2018 | Read More

Connecting the World, Village by Village: Five Reasons Why Satellite is the Key

1. Reaching locations that other technologies can’t reach The very nature of satellite technology means it is often the only viable solution for areas where geography makes access most difficult. Where other methods of connectivity are either substandard, uneconomical or completely absent, only satellite communication technology can deliver affordable and reliable broadband connectivity direct-to-premises.

Oct 18 2018 | Read More

John Hawker Strengthens Kacific Sales Team, Leading Efforts Across Melanesia and the Pacific

Kacific Broadband Satellites has appointed John Hawker as Vice President Sales, Melanesia and the Pacific. John has held senior roles in both the telecommunications and satellite industries in several of Kacific’s key markets throughout the Pacific and South East Asia.

Oct 01 2018 | Read More

Diversification in the Wave of Next-Generation Satellites

The atmosphere beyond our blue earth is a continuing source of fascination for people and businesses alike. Two articles in Svenska Yle and Via Satellite have looked at the wave of new satellite technology – highlighting Kacific as one of the agile players making a real difference to those on the ground.

Sep 25 2018 | Read More

Kacific Selects Kratos to Build State-of-the-Art Multi-Site Gateways for Kacific-1

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: KTOS), a leading National Security Solutions provider, announced today that it has been awarded an $11 million contract by Kacific Broadband Satellites, to design and build ground stations for Kacific’s new Ka-band High Throughput Satellite (HTS) network.

Sep 07 2018 | Read More

Kacific appoints Brandon Seir to Head Broadband Marketing of Products as Satellite Launch Looms

Brandon is a marketing, sales and strategic planning specialist with over a decade of experience working in leading international telecommunications, internet service providers and digital technology companies.

Aug 23 2018 | Read More

Kacific Listed by Techcrunch Amongst Most-Funded New Private Satellite Companies Worldwide

“The advances made in miniaturizing technologies that put a computer in your pocket — cameras, batteries, processors, radio antennas — have also made it easier and cheaper for entrepreneurs to launch matter into space. And investors are taking notice.” Jason Rowley

Aug 12 2018 | Read More

Kacific and Gardamor to Connect Remote Health Clinics Throughout Timor-Leste

Remote and rural health clinics across Timor-Leste will soon be connected to high speed satellite internet, providing them access to newly launched AdenBox, an online portal to manage medicines and medical equipment, as well as AdenCare, the country’s central medical records database.

Jun 25 2018 | Read More

High Throughput, Low Cost – The Future Of Satellites In Asia Pacific

When a High Throughput Satellite sits above them, what customers need is a channel to unlock its potential.

At the upcoming Australasia Satellite Forum, a dominant discourse will be the future of satellite broadband for the Pacific and South East Asia region.

May 17 2018 | Read More

Kacific at PITA 2018: Accessibility Grows Micro Markets In The Pacific

Unlocking and Securing Digital Lifestyles in a connected Pacific’ was the theme for PITA 2018 — a theme which resonated with Kacific. Unlocking the access barriers to broadband internet is a key aim for the Kacific-1 satellite and core to the Kacific company.

Apr 25 2018 | Read More

Introducing GigStarter: Connect Your Connections

With a high throughput satellite signal above you, all you need is a channel to sell, install, support, monitor and bill the end-user.

Apr 19 2018 | Read More

Vanuatu Flag Raised as Country’s First Commercial Satellite Commences Construction at Boeing Satellite Systems

Mar 21 2018 | Read More

Kacific heads to New Zealand: ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’

When an island nation stretches over 1,600kms in length along mountainous …

Mar 08 2018 | Read More

Kacific-1 Passes Critical Design Review – Moves Into Production Phase

The team at Boeing Satellite Systems International proudly announced that the …

Mar 07 2018 | Read More

NewSpace People: “No Company has Ever Targeted This Segment of The Market with a Realistic Value Proposition.”

Christian Patouraux talks with NewSpace People about why he founded Kacific, what makes …

Dec 13 2017 | Read More

Kacific Selects SpaceX to Provide Launch Service

Kacific-1 will bring fast, cost-effective internet service to South East Asia …

Sep 04 2017 | Read More

Taking the Tour de Timor to the World via Kacific’s Satellite Connections

Mountain bike enthusiasts around the globe will be able to follow …

Aug 30 2017 | Read More

Kacific Places Order with Boeing for a High Throughput Satellite

  Kacific Broadband Satellites Pte Ltd (Kacific) today announced that it has …

Feb 19 2017 | Read More

Via Satellite: “Kacific Capacity More Than 70 Percent Presold on First Satellite”

Via Satellite reports that Kacific has pre-sold enough capacity on its first …

Oct 18 2016 | Read More

Kacific’s First Operational Service – Connecting Rural Vanuatu to the World

Kacific Broadband Satellites today announced its first operational service, a high-speed …

Jul 20 2016 | Read More

“Beyond the Blue Continent” in SatMagazine

The SatMagazine June 2016 issue carries a joint article from Cyril …

Jun 01 2016 | Read More

Kacific selects AV-Comm teleport for first satellite broadband service in the Pacific

Kacific to utilise Av-Comm’s teleport to commence affordable internet services to …

May 17 2016 | Read More

SatelliteFinance reports on UK private investor stake in Kacific

SatelliteFinance magazine reported on the recent investment in Kacific by a UK …

Apr 18 2016 | Read More

UK Private Investor Takes US$20 Million Stake in Kacific

Additional US$2.3 million will be raised from Australian tech investors SINGAPORE …

Apr 04 2016 | Read More

Kacific features in a Satellite Finance story

Satellite Finance spoke with Christian Patouraux about Kacific’s plans to introduce a …

Dec 02 2015 | Read More

Kacific honoured with award for Best Potential in Asia

Kacific CEO, Christian Patouraux (left), amongst the winners at the France …

Jun 15 2015 | Read More

Kacific the ‘budget airline’ of the internet in rural Indonesia

Following the announcement of the agreement between Kacific and BigNet to …

May 26 2015 | Read More

Kacific and BigNet bring fast affordable broadband to all Indonesians

Singapore – 15 May 2015 – Indonesian Satellite Service Provider, BigNet, has …

May 14 2015 | Read More

Pacific Wave Conference: connectivity key to economic growth and resilience

The link between connectivity and economic growth in the Pacific will …

Mar 24 2015 | Read More

Tokelau selects Kacific to deliver high-speed broadband

Singapore – 5 December 2014 – Teletok, the local telecommunications company of Tokelau …

Dec 05 2014 | Read More

Vanuatu government announces a new dawn in education

The Government of Vanuatu has announced the first rollout to schools …

Nov 21 2014 | Read More

Kacific to bring fast broadband to Kiribati’s most remote islands

Singapore – 20 October 2014 – People on all of the 33 …

Oct 20 2014 | Read More

Kacific signs cooperation agreement supporting ITU’s affordable connectivity program for 11 Pacific countries

Sep 08 2014 | Read More

Kacific inks five year satellite broadband agreement with Solomon Telekom Company Limited

Singapore – 13 August 2014 – Kacific Broadband Satellites today announced …

Aug 13 2014 | Read More

“Flying High” in August CommsDay

“Flying High,” in the August 2014 issue of CommsDay, looks at the latest generation …

Aug 05 2014 | Read More

Tuvalu Telecommunications Corporation signs five year satellite broadband deal with Kacific

Singapore – 9 June 2014 – Kacific Broadband Satellites today announced …

Jun 09 2014 | Read More

Kacific Features in SatMagazine’s June 2014 issue

When it comes to broadband connectivity, all countries were not created …

Jun 06 2014 | Read More

Kacific offers Vanuatu Students a chance to “Touch the Sky”

Kacific Broadband Satellite today announced a competition to mark World Telecommunication …

May 14 2014 | Read More

Kacific satellite to provide faster, more affordable broadband to Pacific nations

Singapore – 9 December 2013 – Kacific Broadband Satellites today announced plans …

Dec 09 2013 | Read More

Data demand drives opportunities for HTS satellites

Senior satellite communications analyst Jose Del Rosario considers the implications of …

Nov 15 2013 | Read More