Government Services

Fast Internet for Government

This scalable, turnkey solution is designed to connect even the most remote Government services with high-speed satellite internet. Kacific manages the bandwidth service, whilst the Government partner rapidly connects as few or as many sites as needed, using small satellite dishes.

Kacific Community WiFi

Support better connectivity for the public at Government-owned locations with WiFi hotspots that are accessible with an easy prepaid voucher system.

Kacific CCTV And Remote Data Collection

Deploy remote monitoring or data collection devices to secure facilities, installations, perimeters and borders. A sophisticated and highly secure broadband security solution suitable for defence, security and research purposes.

Kacific FlexVNO

The most cost-effective satellite internet solution to rapidly connect hundreds of sites, no matter how remote, with reliable, high-speed internet. With FlexVNO, Government agencies can access a Virtual Network Operator platform to have better control over preferences, limits and other traffic rules.

Kacific CommsBox

Designed for disaster and emergency situations, this all-in-one turnkey solution can be activated within minutes to quickly establish communications connectivity. This box unit can be stored at remote sites or even airdropped into the emergency zones.

Kacific Fibre Backup

Safeguard your most critical communications and government services with a satellite back up that provides connectivity in the event of a fibre cut or disruption.