Kacific Community WiFi

Keep your guests and customers connected to your high-speed WiFi hotspot with our easy pre-paid voucher system.

community wifi services

Kacific Community WiFi lets you build networks of high-speed WiFi hotspots to provide internet to local communities and tourists in bite-sized packages with an easy prepaid voucher system.

Antenna of kacific

Small, easy-to-install satellite dishes let you share Kacific wholesale bandwidth, selling it through local shops, cafes, resorts and communities. You can connect people in even the most remote places and allow them to roam between hotspots.


Your customers will purchase prepaid internet online or with a voucher, making revenue collection risk-free, fuss-free and transparent. People can use the data they purchase in any of your Kacific Community WiFi locations, so you enjoy all the benefits of a owning a WiFi network without having to invest in expensive infrastructure, file costly spectrum licenses or reckon with customer churn.

Your customers will enjoy wide coverage, flexible data purchasing, an easy pre-pay model and no long-term commitments. The result: eager customers drawn to a low-cost service offering most of the advantages of a WiFi network, without the risk and without the cost.

  • Aggregate customer bases through local outlets
  • Easy, low-cost installation
  • Affordable, high-speed internet

F e a t u r e s

satellite internet by Kacific

Powerful satellite service

internet for homes by kacific

75 Mbps (up to 70 Mbps downlink + 5 Mbps uplink)

Antenna of kacific

75cm or 1.2m satellite dish

internet waves of kacific

Lightly contended with low congestion

tools of kacific

Fully managed service including teleport

wifi internet by kacific

Your own WiFi Access Point: a wireless router with a built-in voucher billing system.