Fast Internet for Businesses

Fully-managed services. Pay-as-you-grow.

Give your staff reliable internet for emails, video calls and surfing with our low-risk, high-speed broadband.

Digitise your business with fast internet

Kacific manages the bandwidth service, whilst the business partner rapidly connects as few or as many sites as needed, using small satellite dishes. These dishes are light and easily transportable – they can even be solar-powered.

  • Easy, rapid installation
  • Low-cost, fast internet for businesses
  • Local installers and suppliers

Internet solutions for rural and remote businesses
With full managed services and a pay-as-you-grow plans, Kacific provides a low-risk way to connect remote operations and offices with high-speed satellite internet.

This scalable, turnkey solution ensures all your staff, no matter where they are based, can access reliable internet for cloud applications, emails, video calls and browsing the net.


Powerful satellite internet service

Fully managed service including teleport

75cm, 1.2m or 1.8m satellite dish
(Please consult with Kacific for different antenna sizes)

Up to 120 Mbps access speeds
(Up to 100 Mbps downlink + 20 Mbps uplink)

Terms and conditions apply – solution includes MIR & CIR


Local Internet Service Providers

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