Kacific CCTV And Remote Data Collection

Reliable flexible and sophisticated - keep your remote operations safe with our broadband security solution.

secure internet by kacific

Deploy remote monitoring or data collection devices to secure facilities, installations, perimeters and borders with Kacific CCTV and Remote Data Collection—our sophisticated, reliable, flexible broadband security solution.

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With a high committed data transmission rate and very low costs, Kacific CCTV and Remote Data Collection maintains a constant connection between surveillance or on-site data collection systems and their control centres or data storage servers. Kacific CCTV and Remote Data Collection offers a cost-effective solution to security firms, governments, research operations, film crews or mining, oil and gas companies.

CCTV And Remote Data Collection

Our Kacific1 satellite offers a coverage footprint that enables the deployment of high-speed data or video collection links across vast territories, sensitive sites and challenging terrain. Field personnel, local and central control centres can use secured applications – anywhere – to remotely monitor perimeters and premises, prevent unauthorised entry, analyse large collected amounts of data, send raw film footage to post-production, or even remotely grant semi-automated access to secure facilities.


Using our expertise in end-to-end integration, you can seamlessly connect our technology with your existing surveillance networks and decide on the distribution of connectivity to cameras.


  • Reach remote sites and challenging terrain
  • Cost-effective, reliable connection
  • Easy installation
  • Large upload capacity and cloud storage

F e a t u r e s

effortlessly scaled network

Rapidly deployed and effortlessly scaled network

secured cloud data storage

Comes with secured cloud data storage or dedicated physical data storage at secured location

high speed antennas internet by kacific

Powerful 75cm and 1.2m, fixed or transportable satellite dishes

Wireless Integrated Network Sensors

Flexible plans available - choose a CCTV system with or without our internet bundle.