Kacific FlexVNO

Your own uncontended, highly-flexible Virtual Network Operator bandwidth.

Kacific FlexVNO

Kacific FlexVNO, our leading service and our most versatile, delivers dedicated wholesale bandwidth to ISPs and telecom companies to tailor for your customers’ needs.

Virtual Network Operator platform

Take ownership of your leased allocated bandwidth and shape it and package it at will on our Virtual Network Operator platform.


You have the power to offer truly tailored packages with a myriad of configuration parameters with Kacific FlexVNO. Spread your bandwidth across a large fleet of terminals, set preferences on some services or at some sites, set packaging boundaries and limits, or integrate bandwidth into your network with your traffic rules.


Kacific FlexVNO bandwidth delivers a rapidly deployable and cost-effective broadband solution with small, easily installed, simple to maintain satellite dishes.


  • Uncontended high-speed broadband
  • Versatile service for tailoring to your customer needs
  • Rapid and flexible deployment

F e a t u r e s

Virtually any Mbps access speeds per site - more than 1Gbps Mbps downlink and more than 150 Mbps uplink per site

Dedicated wholesale bandwidth

Dedicated wholesale bandwidth

Share bandwidth across multiple sites

Share bandwidth across multiple sites

Satellite dish sizes

Satellite dish sizes: 75cm, 1.2m, 1.8m or more.

Link availability between 99.1% and 99.9% depending on terminal size and location

bandwidth across your fleet of terminals

You manage your own bandwidth across your fleet of terminals