Kacific Gigstarter

A reliable and affordable turnkey solution for your residential and business customers.

secure internet by kacific

With unlimited data, true nationwide coverage, easy, low-cost installation and a fully managed service, Kacific GigStarter sets a new benchmark for satellite internet.

This preconfigured turnkey solution is designed for internet service providers to rapidly deploy high-speed, low-cost satellite broadband to residential and business customers anywhere in New Zealand.

kacific connects peoples

Providers purchase and install the small, powerful GigStarter dishes and sign up their customers.  Kacific maintains a full remotely-managed bandwidth service including a teleport for the provider.

Whether the end users need reliable internet for their rural head office or farm business, our next-generation satellite internet will meet their connectivity demands.

  • Rapid, low-cost deployment
  • Regional and rural nationwide coverage
  • Unlimited monthly data

F e a t u r e s

reliable modem of kacific

Highly reliable and stable broadband

shared bandwidth

Share bandwidth across multiple sites


internet for homes by kacific

150 Kbps Committed Information Rate

Antenna of kacific

90cm satellite dish

Up to 40 Mbps downlink / 5 Mbps uplink


kacific provide fast internet to buildings

320 Kbps Committed Information Rate

Antenna of kacific

1.2m satellite dish

upto 100mbps download speed by kacific

Up to 100 Mbps downlink / 20 Mbps uplink

How does it work?