Kacific Offshore Connectivity

High-speed internet for your crew. Fast data backhaul and VPN controls for your on-board systems.

offshore oil and gas machine internet services by kacific

Stay connected to reliable, high-speed satellite broadband in offshore environments with Kacific Offshore. Our high capacity bandwidth offers a cost-effective and seamless solution for your offshore operations, even in rough seas.

offshore station connectivity and internet services by kacific

It equips your crew with high-speed WiFi for personal use and your on-board systems with fast data backhaul and VPN controls for all business, and health & safety connectivity on your vessel, rig and other offshore station operations.

Kacific Offshore Connectivity

Using next-generation high throughput satellite technology, our service maintains a reliable network within our satellite beams, providing consistent communications. Our solution easily provides speeds of over 50 Mbps with a straightforward payment model per station per month – or simply per Gigabyte. Tailored packages can be adapted to suit your needs and scaled to provide an excellent service.


  • Reliable, high-speed broadband
  • Connectivity at sea for crew, automated systems, business use or emergency use
  • Scalable across many offshore stations within Kacific coverage
  • Large upload capacity

F e a t u r e s

enjoy more than 50mbps download speed with kacific

Access speeds at more than 50 Mbps per offshore location

uptown 200mpbs down speed by kacific

More than 200 Mbps available on larger ships

gigabyte internet plan by kacific

Choose from a low cost-per-Gigabyte model with no other recurring fees

flexible voucher for passenger by kacific

Wifi voucher system available for your passengers and crew

Antenna of kacific

Small satellite dish terminal from 55cm in size

low cost internet plans by kacific

One of the most affordable and compact solutions for connectivity at sea


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